Friday, April 2, 2010

Kraftmaid Outlet, Warren, OH

I have read a lot about the Kraftmaid Outlet in Warren, OH on the internet. My husband and I have gone the last 2 times they have been open. The first time we went, it was a bust. We had to wait until the first 300 people were called before we could go in. Our kitchen cabinets have to go in an L-shape area, so finding what we needed was difficult. There was few items to choose from in the color we were hoping for. The second time we went, I told myself I was not leaving without buying something! We got lucky and we were able to go in with the first 150 called. We found a tall wall cabinet for our bedroom (I don't have a linen closet) that looks beautiful! We also got a kick plate and a couple shelf supports (I'll find somewhere to use them!). Still only one possible cabinet for the kitchen that we left there. I ended up ordering Kraftmaid cabinets from Modern Builder's Supply. They were WAY more knowledgeable about the cabinets than the box stores. If you need custom cabinets, you will need to order them. It was a fun experience. We plan to go back to get the crown molding for the kitchen and a fill piece. I will also look for the hardware for the doors.

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